Rickey Smiley responds to ‘business decision’ at 97.9 in Dallas

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3 Responses

  1. Roni Pinke says:

    First of all, we the listening audience doesn’t need to reminded that Rickey Smiley is a “Class-Act”, hell, we know that, that would be one of the reasons we listen to him. He exemplifies class, humbleness, humility and gratitude, which is a characteristic so many other radio personalities are void of. Secondly, because I don’t have twitter, I can’t speak on what is told to us that Rickey stated himself, as for the reason he has exited stage left. I understand and agree that people can reach pinnacles in their life that prompt movement for them to elevate in life. However, I’m also acutely aware that MAN will cut you off at the knees before it’s your time to leave said situation. I believe in Karma and 97.7 THE BEAT, you dumb A’s will reap a dead, stagnant and unproductive harvest for this foolishness. This decision is a disservice to the DFW community and our lack of support will prove such sooner rather than later. Speaking for myself, I, for one, am not happy about this ignorant change and I have deleted your station out of my vehicle listening catalog. Whoever, made this decision is a FOOL and should be FIRED with the quickness.

  2. Tee says:

    I agree Roni, I like Rickey and there is substance to his show. Veda Loco is hood and i cant stand her afternoon show.

  3. Lashaun says:

    I agree with you 1000%…..I already don’t listen to K104 and now I won’t be listening to 97.9……..nothing is funny about ANY of those personalities!!!!!!

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